Modified Ipega game controller for one left or right hand

The modified controller allows you to play shooters and 3D actions with one hand. The aim is performed by turning (not moving) the brush to the left/right and up/down.

The built-in gyroscope is responsible for tracking the turn. The gyroscope only works when connected via Bluetooth.

If you run out of battery in the controller during the game, you can use the cable from the kit and PowerBank to continue the game further.

You can configure the controller as an Xbox360 gamepad, keyboard / mouse, or co-op mode. The buttons can be configured using the turbo function program, double-click, long-press, keyboard shortcut, or change the keyboard layout of the controller.

For training, you will need time to form the skill of controlling the controller with one hand, this is the most difficult stage.

Removed vibration motors to reduce weight and prevent interference when pointing the gyroscope. For the controller to work, you need a PC running Windows 10, macOS (Catalina Version 10.15.2 and higher), Linux (tested on Linux Mint), and a Bluetooth receiver.

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Configuring the controller

1) You need to download and install the Steam Client software at

2) After installing the Steam Client, log in with your account. If you don't have an account, sign up.

3) Charge the controller from the USB cable.

4) On the controller, press the "SWITCH" connection button on the back of the device. Connect the "Pro Controller" to your PC via Bluetooth. After you add the controller to the PC, turn on the controller with the "Home" button (hold for 3 seconds).

5) Launch and go to the settings of the Steam Client application.

6) In the settings, go to the "Controller" tab and "Basic controller settings".

7) Check the box "Use Nintendo Button Layout".

8) Remove the "Use Nintendo layout" checkbox to switch the "A" and "B" buttons (optional).

9) Select the "Nintendo Switch Pro Controller" and click the "Calibrate" button.

10) Place the controller on a flat surface and do not touch it while the gyro is being calibrated. Click the "Start Gyro Only Calibration" button and wait for the calibration to finish.

11) If necessary, you can also calibrate the dead zone of the sticks "Start full autocalibration".

12) You can close the controller settings and go to the button layout settings in games. On the game page, go to the controller settings. If the game is not purchased from the Steam Store, you can set up the "Desktop Configuration" profile.

13) On the game page, go to the controller settings.

14) Next, you need to configure the controller layout most suitable for the game with one hand. You can create unique settings for each game. There is a function for importing / exporting settings that have already been created by other players. Please use the settings names "Lgypard" for the left hand, "Rgypard" for the right hand for identification. You can create a template for your controller for all your games.

15) Activation of the gyroscope must be assigned to the "Screenshot" button. The real-time calibration system is similar to controlling a normal mouse when the mouse is on the mat the mouse sensor works when the mouse is raised above the mat does not work. Delete the purpose of the "Screenshot" button and configure the gyroscope. It is recommended to use the acceleration (acceleration) for quick turns in games. It is necessary to choose the optimal value of the aiming sensitivity in the game, so as not to make many gyroscopic movements when turning.

16) For first-person shooter games, we recommend assigning controls like a keyboard / mouse. For 3D actions, you can use the Xbox360 buttons, which will speed up the setup. You can also use the joint mouse mode and Xbox360, but only if your game supports this feature.

17) When setting up games, keep in mind that the jump, squat, fire and additional fire button, you need to press together with the movement of the stick, which is responsible for moving the player.

18) You can change the button layout. From the beginning, add and configure the second layer, and then configure the layer activation button.

19) You can use activators (turbo, double click, long press, keyboard shortcut) to use a single button with double function.

20) To play, take the controller with one hand, put the free part of the controller on your leg or sofa. Try not to lift the controller, avoid overstretching your hand while playing, and take breaks if your hand is tired. Watch the video (1:50) on how to hold the controller correctly. To reduce weight, you can remove the front panel, the d-pad cover, the button block, and the stick on the side that you don't use. Don't forget to deactivate the button block and stick in the Steam Client settings before removing them. Too little weight can lead to excessive gyroscope sensitivity and interference, so you need to find the optimal weight for you.

Please use the settings of other players ' controllers. Vote if you like the setting. Share your settings with other players and help them understand the management. Use the settings names "Lgypard" for the left hand, "Rgypard" for the right hand, so that other players can easily find it. Example: profile CS GO for left-handed or right-handed

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