The controller is specially modified for playing one-handed 3d action games, first-person shooters.

For the controller to work, you need special software. Included instructions for setting up the program.

You can set any button on the controller to any button on the keyboard, mouse, or XInput controller.

You can assign multiple keystrokes to a single button. 

Each game can have its own button settings profile. You can share settings with other players over the network.

Turbo function that can be assigned to 8 buttons (L/ZL/R/ZR/A/B/X/Y).

Aiming in the game takes place with a gyroscope, you need to turn the hand. Aiming accuracy is higher when compared to a stick on a classic gamepad.

The gyroscope allows you to make 360-degree turns, for this purpose the controller has a real-time calibration system.

You don't need to hold the controller in the air so that your hand doesn't get tired. You need to put it on a leg or a sofa.

The process of forming a controller management skill takes from 30 minutes (we recommend 10 minutes for 3 days).

Vibration motors are removed from the controller to lighten the weight of the device and so that vibration does not interfere with aiming.

This controller works only under 

- Windows 10

- macOS (Catalina Version 10.15.2 and higher)

- Linux  (tested on Linux Mint)

Attention! The controller does not allow you to play with one hand on other systems. You must have a Bluetooth receiver.

Electrical Parameters

Input voltage/current: DC5V/500mA

Bluetooth 3.0, transmition distance: <8M

Workig time: 15H

Batttery: 500 mAh Li-ion battery

Packing list

- Controller  x1

- USB type-C charge Cable  x1

- User manual  x1

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Modified Pro Controller for one hand (only PC, MAC)

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