6-Axis Gyroscope

For aiming in the controller uses a gyroscope, which will give you a quick and intuitive aiming in the game. The controller has a real-time calibration function, it uses a special sensor in front of the controller. The real-time calibration feature allows you to make turns more than 360 degrees without twisting your arms. To control, it is not necessary to keep the controller on weight, you can put it on your foot or the surface of the sofa.

All the functionality of a regular gamepad in One Hand

Some buttons have a dual functionality, depending on the duration of pressing. 17 buttons and 1 analog mini-joystick.



One Or Two Hands

You can play with one hand or two hands. When playing with two hands, it is very easy to master the control of the controller, but for this you need two controllers in each hand. If you put the controller in two-hand mode, the button layout will be like on a classic gamepad. When playing with one hand, you will need to get used to it, that one hand is responsible for aiming and moving in the game, it takes more time.

Tech Specs

  • Wireless Bluetooth 4.0
  • 6-Axiss Gyroscope, 3D Analog Stick
  • Symmetrical body for left or right hand
  • Real time calibration function
  • Li-ion battery
  • 110x40x40 mm
  • Supports PC, Android, iMAC, iOS

* the final product may differ in appearance, but only to improve usability



Our Team and Partner

If you are an engineer with experience in launching electronic products and want to participate in the development of the controller, please contact us.